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Music Clearance

In order to obtain permission to use a song or recording in a TV show or
motion picture, producers must clear synchronization rights. The copyright law gives the creator or copyright owner absolute authority to grant these rights, therefore the process of clearing sync rights is:

- Not Automatic.
- Not Compulsory.
- Not Instantaneous.
- Completely Negotiable.


This is not the time to be dealing with amateurs. At EMG, we know our way around the block. If we can't get you what you want, when you want it, chances are it can't be done. If you need clearance, we offer three options to help you...

Do It Yourself?
We have free online resources that can help you get clearance on your own.
Click Here.

As researching copyright owners of songs on your own can take hours or days, and still lead you up blind alleys, we offer 2 other alternatives...

Let Us Guide You?
For a fraction of the cost of what your lawyer will charge you per song, we can get you started by finding the contact information for the owners of the copyrights for the songs you are interested in.
Click Here.

Let Us Do It For You?
We can take care of all of your clearance needs for a fee.
Click Here.